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I work freelance as an illustrative map maker, and graphic designer. Map making is my passion. The idea of mapping communities also appeals to me, which I have achieved in the form of large collaborative artworks. This gives me time away form the computer and gives me some real hands on creative satisfaction working alongside others, whilst exploring deeper themes of townscape and landscape.

I hail from Glasgow, where my father taught at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art; Drawing is in my DNA.  My talent for mapping developed as a child: I grew up in Scotland and Cornwall, continually moved house, and I think it was the changing environments that honed my powers of observation.  As a child I would always notice the changing architecture as I gazed out of the back of our old Morris Minor; my sense of direction is abysmal – so I learned to mentally map the streets and landmarks as a way of navigating my way home.

Since the mid eighties, I have made Wales my home, more recently moving to beautiful Pembrokeshire.  Over the past 15 years I have designed and coordinated a number of community projects, my most recent being one for Cardigan our nearest town. Cardigan has a thriving artistic scene and last year I completed a large scale community project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund; a giant cardigan of Cardigan, depicting the town’s colourful heritage in yarn. Ostensibly it is a knitted map, which is due to go on tour both nationally and internationally soon.

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